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The Tottenham riots - working paper

totten_200.jpgAnalysing the Tottenham riots of August 2011 is complicated: the sensationalism of newspaper reporting results in speculation, and there has not yet been sufficient time for the publication of more reliable analytical studies1. Statements from politicians seem to a large degree to have been used for political purposes, either to enforce the notion of a broken society full of criminals who riot for a good time, or to deplore the Coalition spending cuts. I will here consider what appear to be the main analytical narratives concerning the riots. Having lived in Tottenham from the age of 7 until 18, I will occasionally add my own opinion, but will indicate this clearly.

Naomi Wright: Does inexcusable mean incomprehensible? Another look at the Tottenham riots. Tuebingen 2011. Working paper.

 Working paper: tottenham_riots.pdf

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